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To Jesuisquoi

“I can always live in the present moment. I do not need to go back to the past. I do not need to visit the future. I make my choice to live happy and content in my present moment.”  I just found this sentence.

If you expect things to be negative, they will be negative for you because you expected them to happen this way.

I haven’t done much in therapy treatments but I realize Now that everything depends on Me. I am the one who decides, the one who has the power. The power to worsen my situation, the power to maintain as it is my situation, the power to improve my situation. I have these powers. It’s up to me to choose one: what my heart tells me, and not my mind – because my mind is disturbed by negative automatic  thoughts. My heart, deep deep inside me, whispers “improve”, I’ll improve. I have to believe and stop being negative. It’s easy to say. How can I improve my situation. There is help. I need help and I do my best to get it.

I say that because I found the cognitive therapy sessions “Overcoming Social Anxiety.”
I don’t know if it applies to you but I am sure that you can use the session #2, to stop having automatic negative thoughts.

Contact me if you want the documents of the session #2. Actually, I don’t give you the choice. Contact me so that I can give you the docs.

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