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Don’t let people get you

I learned quite quickly that it is not healthy to look for things that can trigger sadness, depression and *feed them*, nurture them. We have enough troubles, there’s no need to add more and keep them. It’s sadistic. As if we bask in our troubles…hmmm…and we make sure to maintain them alive. In case we feel fine, we can add a layer, piling it on, ourselves – and I’m not talking about those negative automatic thoughts. Yep. I used to do that. I almost got caught again but hey, if I want to change, I have to stop bringing back to my mind negative things. I do not want to look in the wrong direction, I do not want to face troubles, depression again, I want to face a better direction. It means that I have to undo what I did. Stop being negative. Personally, I don’t think this post is negative. I just think and my thoughts are turned towards the right direction.

All this to say that I left the online forum/place with people suffering from AvPD.   :-DD

I thought it could help me. I was wrong. On the contrary, it kept on reminding me, post after post, of all the negative stuffs linked with my AvPD. Why? Because, instead of giving advice, people go there almost just to complain, and pour all their sadness in their posts. If they want to bask in negativity, and maintain it, they are free to do so. Because that’s what they do, coming to those places. They even seem to enjoy it.
On my side, I prefer to cut links with everything that is negative: no more forums, yes, or places where common people talk because when they talk they moan. And it’s depressing. I do not need to read depressing stuff. No thank you!!
If I write about something it’s not to complain, moan as they do “aaah, I didn’t go out since Wednesday and I’m so sad and so;..”. Hey, I have enough personal problems, I do not need to listen to people complaining; it seems that they want to spread their sadness, depression, whatever they’ve to the others. As if it could make them feel better.

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