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I did it

I said to my mother that I am suffering from AvPD. I sent her links to English web pages that describe pretty well this disorder – I can not find good and complete web page in French.
I kept on repeating that it doesn’t change anything since I’ve been like that for years and that she, my father and I were aware of some of the symptoms but never thought they could be linked together and be a part of a same entity. For instance, she knows that I avoid people because I fear that they reject me; she knows that I daydream a lot; she knows that I am shy – people think that you are just very shy but in reality you have AvPD.

A big news for her, though:
– Whatever you say about me, no matter if you think it’s positive, neutral or negative, I always take it as something negative. Always. With no possibility to see anything else but negativity. Nothing good can come from you.
– It’s stupid. So whatever I say you take it bad? If I say that you are the stupidest person on earth or that you’re a remarkable student, you’ll take it bad?
– Yes.
– It’s stupid.
– I know.
– So what can we say?
– Nothing.

In general she didn’t seem surprised; on the contrary she told me she was glad to see that I was taking charge to fight this AvPD.
She also told me that the husband of the friend I see every month told my parents that they were worried about me; that staying at home all alone like this wasn’t healthy. He said that.

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