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Positive things of the week

1. I went to the hairdresser. I look better like this.
2. I forced myself to go out on Thursday. …I went out to do grocery shopping at 9pm but I went out!
3. On Monday I ate alone in a restaurant (meal + delicious vanilla bean cheesecake!)
4. I participated during our weekly group session. I spoke several times. I was doing pretty good.
5. I don’t think I stressed out too much my mother about my AvPD.
6. I left the online forum with the people suffering from AvP: my best move of the week.
7. My archer is level 87!!!!! (okay, it’s off topic. lol but it’s positive, although he can’t regress.
8. My archer asked someone to join him so that they can fight together. (^.^)V He made the first step.
9. I’m on session 2 of the Overcoming Social Anxiety program. Today: session 3.
10. I started to drink V8. It should be better than Coke. Even Diet Coke.

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