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Positive things of the week

1. I ate alone at a restaurant, and enjoyed my cheesecake.
2. I answered to calls on Dofus and I sent calls to form groups; I made friends there. :-D
3. I went for a walk. When the weather is beautiful, it’s better to breathe fresh air than stay inside playing on Dofus.
4. I  went alone to the movie theater. I saw Ice Age 3.
5. I do my best to be positive. And use all the tools I can get to get out of this merde.
6. I’m on session 3 of the Overcoming Social Anxiety program. Today: session 4.
7. My archer is level 91 92 93! No wait?! Last saturday I wrote that he was level 87. He passed 6 levels in 7 days?!?! No Way!

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