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Is it going to be like that all the time?

Like the past 5 Saturdays, yesterday I listened to my mp3 “Overcoming social anxiety”. It made me cry. Last week it made me cry too. I must be too sensitive, there is no other explanation. It shows that I listen carefully and understand the messages. Last night, like every nights, before sleeping, I did a part of my homeworks: I read some pages provided with the mp3s. Last night, I added new pages to read and those pages made me cry. Again. I’m too sensitive. I cry because it forces me to open my eyes and it is not always easy to handle it but I also cry of happiness. Yes, happiness. Yesterday night, it was of happiness. :-)
Talking about this, it reminds me that I may have to read a text about bees and a bear. O.o   After Dorothy and Spoke, here’s Winnie the Pooh! lol
Yesterday was the sixth session, the sixth Saturday and there are fourteen left. If I cry at all fourteen Saturdays, it’ll be oh so great!  :-//

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