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On July 11, I went to a firework display in a city nearby. The fireworks would begin at 9pm and there would be some food booths. I went there – by myself [ do I have to say it every time?! I don’t care, it does not do anything to me ] for 8pm. I ate french fries and a hot dog, sat down on the grass among people and waited for 9 o’clock. It was boring. I waited something like 15 minutes in the line to get food; and 20 minutes my ass on the grass. It was boring. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel nervous. I was not paranoid. I looked around me and saw that people did not look at me disapprovingly nor stare at me as if I was weird. They were busy with their own business. I’m less and less paranoid. That’s a good thing. I don’t give a shit anymore about people around me at the restaurants and they do the same. lol …and everybody’s happy!!
Another example: this morning at 7am (yes, it’s Sunday -_-) I thought that my car wasn’t any more on the parking lot – I couldn’t see it – I thought someone stole it. I went in pyjamas outside to check if my car was still here, hidden by some car, or gone. Two months ago, I’m sure that I’d have dressed up before going out even if there’s a tiny chance that there would have been people looking outside at 7am on a Sunday morning.

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