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Looking for more occasions

With the Overcoming Social Anxiety program, I am supposed to put in practice in real life what I learned. The problem is that I don’t go out very often and therefore I am not in contact with people so I can’t train. And it would go against the principles I learned to go out just to create situations that would trigger anxiety. In a nutshell, I have the feeling that I don’t have enough occasions to do my homeworks. Damn, I forgot that I work this week!!! LOL Yes, but it’s different. I can try some stuffs.
On Dofus, now that my archer is level 102 – he is awesome: he is very strong and powerful. to the point that he shows off!! And he got quite a success! There are a Lot of people who ask him to show them his cape and hat since these two things are extremely rare – actually I never saw anybody else with either the cape or the hat. He has now 3 distinct groups of friends!! There’s also this girl who, during battles, spends her time protecting him and telling others to do so too – she is convinced that if he gets killed, she has a lot of chance to die too. All this to say that, he learns to be nice with people – I’m kidding. No, it’s more that he tries not to take refusal, rejection too personally. He begins to understand that people may have other reasons than hating him when they say “no” to him. Ah and today, during a fight, an enemy tried to pull him down. My archer didn’t take it personally because he understood that it was a way for the guy not to lose too much face as he felt that he would soon be killed.
My archer can give himself a pat on the back for this positive and good reaction. :-D
As a reward: a chunk of chocolate.

I try to practice everywhere I can: real world, online. I need to practice.

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