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Break down

I cried today – I was walking to my car when I broke in tears. For no reason. I had not a single thought in mind. But I cried. Once in my car, ANTS sized the occasion to show up. I stopped them and I stopped crying.
I have some automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) that are true. However when I stop ANTs I have to tell myself that they are lies and that bothers me. I don’t know what to do? I don’t know if I should stop them, and how I should do? I would say that the best thing would be to stop all negative thoughts – no matter if they are true or not. I do not want any negative thoughts at all. Ah, I just found the answer to my question. I can skip the part "lie" but everything else is right: they are unhealthy, exagerrated, automatic and negative. :-) So, houst! I don’t want them anymore!

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