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Being alone – my two faces

There are a LOT of good things in being single & alone;  here’s one of them.
I went out to see the latest Harry Potter at the movie theater. When I bought my ticket I had to choose and reserve my seat on a map of the projection room – there were already a lot of seats that were reserved (like 3/4 of the seats) in the best spots, of course. But! There was, as always, somewhere in the middle of the seats a single seat available between 2 groups of people – my seat: right in the middle and at the perfect level!  (^ -^) v    If I were with somebody, I would have to seat on a side.

Since Saturday I have to read a page.. there’s no funnier page than this one. It is really an endoctrination!! The phrase “I accept myself” is repeated only seventeen times!!  And I have to read it out loud and when you do so, you really really notice the repetition – I am brain-washing myself!
It makes me think about something odd. I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody – I don’t think so. I don’t know – but when I try to represent myself in my mind or just my face, when I try to picture my face I see another face with different shapes. The image I have in my mind does not match with the reality. It’s strange and disturbing. The face I see in my mind is not even great! lol it’s just a face but it’s not a faithful representation of my true face. Maybe it has something to do with the “I accept myself” thing. If you ask me which face I prefer, I’ll tell you without hesitation the face I created in my mind despite the fact that it’s not really a good looking face. lol  It explains why I don’t like the real me. A solution? Put mirrors everywhere in my apartment so that I get used to see my real face?! LOL Oh please!! No!! It would be torture!!! LOL

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