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While I was eating (?), drinking (?) my milk shake – and it takes time when you have this (x3)! – I tried to remember events from the past that may have worsened my situation and made what I am today. I really dug deep – some old memories that I hadn’t had for ages came back to my mind. I can’t believe that I still have them in my memory. And the weirdest thing is that they came back to my mind at the same time – it took me 10 minutes to remember these things. It’s very impressive. Amazing! that they are still in my memory.
There are 2: One is very vague – I remember that I was in the back of a bus and there was a guy with a red t-shirt on; but the other one is! pff!! i could make a drawing of these persons. I remember their last name (Repski), first name, their house, where were their rooms, the name of their city… I remember everything. *blinks* even their voice.
I remember what all these people did. I remember – pretty vaguely but clear enough to know that I didn’t have a good time with them.
Well, these 2 elements were not a unique event, I met these people several times, for several months. And I’m pretty sure it didn’t help me at all to be in contact with them.
So it’s just to say that it wasn’t just 1 person or 1 event that destroyed me. It’s a combination of several things that were repeated over and over for several months (maybe years).

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