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Positive things of the week

1) I indulged myself one day. If I wait for somebody to pamper me, I can wait! So one day, I ate 2 cheesecakes, drank 1 chocolate milk shake and bought 5 panties at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t know why I wanted panties but I’m glad I bought them.
2) I’m still listening to the Overcoming Social Anxiety mp3s, reading handouts daily even if it was at 1am! They are supposed to sink deep into my mind, to the point that I know them by heart and get more than feed up with them.Some passages still make me cry, others seem impossible to believe. It’s these passages that I have to read over and over.
3) I ordered some books on Amazon France, books about self-esteem + the latest U2 album – maybe it is time for me to buy it! – + an old Nickelback album
4) I ordered a book about AvPD at my library – I don’t buy it because it costs something like 120$!
5) I am making more friends on the MMORPG Dofus – I have the highest level in my Guild and people come and ask me to help them to get quickly a lot of experience in fighting. They join me in battles; most of the time, they do one or two little things and I do the rest. I’ve already helped 3 people like this. It doesn’t cost me a thing. It even helps me too.
6) I successfully and quickly went through the room with the holes in the Tofus’ Dungeon without falling even once! The first time I went through this room, it took me more than 1h15.
7) My “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” set has a lot of success. lol there are a lot of people who stops and comes talk to me about it! it’s very strange.  So I show them…I turn on myself..lol   I have to admit, he looks cool!
8) I went to the restaurant again. There were 2 women next to me and there were whispering things about me – they were not discreet and not speaking low enough but you know what? I didn’t care!! If they have a problem with the fact that people have lunch alone, well, tough luck for them! They won’t prevent me from eating/drinking my milk shake.
9) I don’t have to wake up at 6am anymore. YEAH!!!
10) I eat ice cream and ice cream and ice cream… the American way. lol
11) Since I couldn’t keep on having the day dream I had, I switched to another one. A safer one. One I won’t have to change. It is less risky.

  1. August 1, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    I love this list. Well done!

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