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In the good direction

I finished my first book, “Thérapie de la confiance en soi” and watched (again!) – as there is Nothing else on TV – the program Excuses Begone.
I understand even better than before what the man is saying on this show.
Actually, the TV program, the book and the OSA mp3s say the very same thing and have recourse to the very same technique.
The OSA progresses slowly but surely – at least, I hope so – whereas the book says: “do this then that and you’re done in no time! Next in line!”; as for the TV program, it is more specific and it explains the mechanism of our brain/behavior.

I want to buy the first book I read about AvPD, the more interesting and more complete book about AvPD I’ve read so far.
I  think I lost my paper with all the page numbers I noted down. ;_;   Luckily on a previous entry I wrote some pages numbers.
It’s out of stock in Barnes & Nobles – I have Barnes & Nobles gift cards to use. :-(

On June 22nd I wrote that I started the OSA therapy. Since then I’ve been reading every single day one text over and over again. I have to read it at least once at day. I read it every night before sleeping and when I go to restaurants I read it while waiting for my meal. It’s been 52 days already. I mean no, not “already”. I’m fed u with this text. I read it at least 60 times. Bwaah Paradoxically – and there are a LOT of paradox when you want to get rid of my kind of problems – I was saying: Paradoxically it’s a good thing that I’m fed up with this text. I have to keep on reading it. Yesterday I counted the number of pages I have to read everyday. For the moment there are 6 pages (double sided, of course). I’m not complaining I just point out that I have to split the reading session into two parts otherwise I’ll spend 45 minutes in bed reading all this and I don’t want to.

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