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“I found my nuts!”

as Hammy, the squirrel from Over The Edge, would say. I’ve watched this anime at least 3 times in the last 24hours.
I found
1) the paper with all the page numbers I noted down when I was reading  Distancing: Avoidant Personality Disorder, Revised and Expanded.
2) I found this book online. I downloaded it as a pdf and the page numbers match exactly with those of the real book.

Also, I’m I almost want to vomit. In the last OSA’s mp3 the guy says that he wants me to saturate myself with all these concepts, methods, sentences… I do, I swear I do. You can stop the torture now. lol
– I listened 3 times to the mp3s (when the AC and/or the dishwasher is turned on because they do so much noise that all I can listen to is the sounds from my computer – with my earplug)
– I read 3 pages I have to read, during lunch; this way I’ll have less pages to read tonight.
– I finished to read the chapter about Borderlines….and while I was reading, on  TV there was, and I am serious unfortunately,
“Excuses Begone” . In this TV program, they send the same message than the books I read.
– I did what I wrote in the first paragraph.

One anecdote from the TV program:
– “Tell me, who’s responsible of what and who you are now?”
– “My mother”
– “Okay, so leave my cabinet, go get your mother and bring her to me. I’ll treat her..and you’ll get better.”
…Aaahh…it doesn’t sound funny like this. :-((

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