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Positive things of the week

1) I have a AC and 2 fans!!!! Alleluia!!
2) I went to the restaurant: there wasn’t enough room in my poor stomach for a cheesecake! ;_;
3) I went to the restaurant and movie theatre with Isa.
4) I invited Angela, a girl from the group therapy, to go one day to the restaurant. I did it.
5) I said that I “may” go hiking in Manchester: an opportunity to get out of my apartment and be with people
6) I printed pages and pages of the PDF file I have for the OSA – it’s much more convenient to look at a paper than at a PDF file. I did it at the uni, with a printer I’m not supposed to use.  Why should I pay for copies when I can get them for free?! It’s for a good cause!
7) I bought a..something I consider totally useless..a let me see “a boppy pillow with wild flowers slipcover” for a baby shower. It’s on the Gift List Isa made… if a “boppy pillow with wild flowers slipcover” can please her,… why not?!
8) I bought 3 t-shirts. 1 too tight (i’ll exchange it), 1 okay and 1 too decolleté. Why is it in my “positive” things of the week?!
8) I am still doing the OSA therapy. So many things to read. Too many things to read. Today I won’t listen to the next MP3, but I keep on working on what I already have. I do what I have to do but I’m not satisfied.
9) I used slow talk!!!!!  Yeah!! I didn’t forget!! during the last group session for the therapy.
10) I was the first one to speak at the group session for the therapy. :-)
11) I killed a nasty Trojan and several viruses.
12) My archer is now level 112. He’s fighting against “wabbits” to get their “cawotts”. With 100 “cawotts” – so far he has 72 cawotts – he can get a HUGE cawott behind which he can hide during fights. And I’m even not kidding!! LOL
13) Some people appreciate my archer, George. It’s the second person who says: if we die, it’s okay but George has to stay alive! lol
14) I put make up on every day since Wednesday. Well, I try too. What a massacre! I should watch again online how to do it.

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