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Positive things of the week

1) George, my archer in Dofus, is now level 114.
2) George can now summon a ‘cawott’!! It’s awesome and so stupid!
3) I bought whipped cream, and had a bowl of it.
4) I went to the casinos with Marine – I lost 20$ and ate like a pig. We ate so much that our bellies hurt.
5) I managed to avoid (yes, that’s positive) people in the Arjona Building. I don’t want to see them – I have nothing to tell them. If I do, I’ll be “faux cul”, hypocrite. And I’m not in the mood.
6) I went for the first time hiking with complete strangers. It lasted 2 hours and talked with people. It was a good experience.
7) I am still working for my OSA. I want to do it well, so I have to get organized and split the “homework” into 2 parts: one in the morning in bed, and one in the evening in bed. Otherwise, it grates on and it shouldn’t be a chore.
8) To make the readings more enjoyable You tickles me. lol
9) I still put make-up on… -_-  another thing I enjoy. -_-
10) I received Money from my parents.
11) I did laundry.

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