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Forget the nirvana

I choose the “journey into consciousness” even if it makes me miss the French meeting. I know I have to go to this meeting but I want so badly to take this class!! It’d be a parallel to my OSA program (it’s much better now that I split the reading into 2 parts during the day).
I know, I shouldn’t stop going to the French meeting but there is another French meeting someone from this very meeting talked about: it is organized by the Alliance Française on Saturday from 10:30am to 12pm.

If I leave my apartment on a Saturday morning to go to a French meeting it would purely and simply mean that miracles happen. I never get out of my apartment on week-ends; plus my parents call me every Saturday at 10:30am. It’s not an excuse, they can call at another time, I know. So, once again, I have to do what I don’t feel like doing. That’s what I have to do to get better: “do what I don’t feel like doing” exciting, isn’it?!

The second class ( “Meditation class“) doesn’t interest me much – the 3rd eye, the nirvana,  the “blissful garden” and the “ecology of the soul” thanks, but no thanks! It’s too spiritual for a poor creature like me. lol

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