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Positive things of the week

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I decided that I need to increase the dosage of my medication – every other day I cry, it’s not a good sign.
2) I *tried* twice to go out and join people.
3) I went out and had a pizza
4) Manuela found me a job – I won’t make much, that’s the least we can say, but it’s better than nothing.
5) I received pictures from my parents
6) I went to the casino, ate at the buffet – way too much, as always when I eat there.
7) I have great new sheets for my bed!! I love them!!
8) I did the laundry X3.
9) I suggested an activity to some people – maybe one or two will be interested to join me.
10) When I feel low (and it happens very very often) I try to tell myself that I feel like this because of the medication, that I shouldn’t listen my thoughts. It’s not me, it’s my medication.
11) I had a good laugh at the mall! I saw girls with their cheerleader uniforms. The name of their school? Conard. ROTFLMAO.
12) Whipped cream with ice cream is so yummy!
13) I’m getting better at putting make up on.
14) I don’t have to read anymore the 3 pages I read for the past months – I know it by heart now. >.< I just have to recitate it now. lol

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