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Wednesday’s pot pourri

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay, okay, today was the second time I attended the therapy group session – it seems that I can relate more to people from this group than I did with the people from the summer group therapy. Since we have more in common, questions and comments are more relevant. Only one moment was tense for me: when… I don’t remember. It wasn’t very tense if I can’t remember it. lol Maybe it was when I said that I don’t know why I try to improve my life because I don’t feel like I deserve it. It’ll come back to my mind in the middle of the night, as usual and then in the morning I’d have already forgotten it. -_-
They reminded me that I have some self-confidence already otherwise, I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now; I couldn’t be able to believe in myself, in my capabilities to change my life. I know that I have this self-confidence, but I need more.
Someone made this suggestion: I should prepare myself to face failure – to anticipate on the kind of reactions I should have.

At last, I did pretty good at small talk tonight with the French group!! Alleluia!
It’s not easy but if I ask questions to the person I’m talking to about him/herself, I do not speak about myself. I am the one who asks the questions. Usually it’s people who ask me questions – since I never say anything – it feels like a questioning to me. Where do live? What do you do? Why? With whom? Do you have your tea with milk and why?… It is NOT your business! With small talk, if I do it well, I am the only one who asks questions. ^_^  it makes the conversation less painful and aggressive to me.

In Dofus I’m too nice. Four persons already told me that I am the nicest person they’ve ever met. -_-
Too nice = Not good.
To avoid being rejected by others, I do anything to please them.

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