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Positive things of the week

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I eat ice cream after ice cream topped with tons of whipped cream every day.  ^_^
2) I still put on make up every day. Today I tried for the first time the blue crayon – it’s a good thing that I don’t plan to go out today or meet people because I really look like a clown!!
3) I went to my 2nd therapy group session and to my 3rd French meeting.
4) I went to 2 U2 concerts! Perfect weather and great shows!
5) For the first time I was pretty good at small talk
6) on Dofus, I met a kid (11 years old) who doesn’t feel good at all about himself. His father calls him (and his mother) name, he thinks he’s ugly, he said he spent the last 2 years alone during breaks at school and of course, at school kids are never nice… I try to help him as much as I can.
7) I have a second fan club ><   I’m way too nice!!
8) I don’t have to read my paper – I know it by heart I just recitate it.
9) I went to a lunch with “les anciennes” of my uni. I had a good time. My cheesecake was excellent!
10) My archer is now level 124.  O.o a minute ago a girl asked me if I wanted to marry her. *blinks* I don’t know her! LOL I know my archer is hot, but it’s not a reason!
11) I bought a ticket to see Daughtry in concert (yes, just one, as usual) and another ticket to see Star Wars: in Concert! Same day, same place with a week of difference.
12) Harlock is not enough these days, I came back to the other one too.
13) Gudrun is very useful.// when she accepts to work…and it’s not always the case. It seems that there’s not a single sattelite that covers this part of the US..well, it’s just New York, Boston… Ditto for my cell phone, there’s not one single bar when I’m at home – it’s not a big problem ‘cos I never use it but I think it should work here since it worked in the past.

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