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Positive things of the week

1) I went to the Big E (The Fair of New England) with 10 people I don’t know. We carpooled and I had a good time there.
2) I got my flu shot.
3) I changed the dose of my medicines: 300mg / 450mg every other day.
4) My archer is level 127. O.o  I don’t realize he’s good.
5) I still eat ice cream & whipped cream..then I drink hot tea because the temperatures dropped pretty significantly these past days.
6) I had a short, very short meeting with Manuela. I didn’t worry about it. All she can be is to  be disappointed by me again so what?!
7) I record movies on TV. I want to watch movies. Real movies and not anymore Batman or Spiderman. So I record movies and watch them at night in my bed.
8) I still put make up on.
9) I am still working for the program OSA. I reached the second part of the program and it’s less cognitive and more behavioral, therefore it’s a new approach I have to get used to.
10) i took initiative several times for tiny insignificant things but before I would have never done it, so there’s some changes.
11) I take proud in everything single new thing I do.
12) I am reading a very interesting book.
13) I ate at the South Dining all – too lazy to cook, moreover I was craving pizza!
14) I’m impatient to go to my future meetings with people.

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