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I need to trust people.
How can I trust people? How do I do that?
I have no idea how to do it.

I need to believe people.
How can I believe people?

“Distrust leads to difficulty in being cooperative, a quality basic to prosocial behavior. Individuals engaged in cooperation assist each other to obtain the same end (Hinde & Groebel, 1991). Cooperation depends upon mutual expectations that the other in the relationship can be trusted to meet his or her obligations and commitments. The effect of adversity on attachment and intimacy is likely to be influenced by the person’s traits. Individuals with the inhibited (schizoid–avoidant) pattern are likely to form schemata involving the avoidance of attachment and intimacy”.
Taken from the book Practical Management of Personality Disorder by John W. Livesley (p.62-63). It is available online.

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