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What about you?

I know what he is doing. I know what one of the therapists is doing during our group session. Discreetly he’s showing me that the other people feel like I do; that there are no difference between them and me; that they do not feel at ease, that they have doubts, that they don’t think they are perfect and by consequence there is no reason for me to be so tense, so on my guard. They are not tense or on their guard, and still they are still alive. He is smart. It is difficult for me to pull down these walls around me. I’d feel so defenseless – the best prey you can ever get. It is not easy to expose oneself.

” In group therapy, depressive patients come to realize that others experience similar difficulties and that they are not alone in their vulnerability. This realization can be therapeutic in itself. Participants can be encouraged to assist each other in solving difficulties and overcoming problems, thus helping them bolster their waning sense of self-worth and interpersonal competence. Witnessing improvement in their fellow group members’ outlook can reinforce the very tenuous hope these patients have for improved functioning and help build the motivation needed to make adaptive changes.”
from Moderating Severe Personality Disorders (Millon) p.140. (available online)

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