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Maintenance factors

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Factors that help to maintain my problems:

1) Living alone.
2) No friends.
3) Low self-esteem.
4) Spending a lot of time at home: every single day actually.
5) Fear of others.
6) Lack of feedbacks.
7) Too few exposures to enable a feeling of repetition.
8) Daydreaming???
9) Difficulty to leave my comfort zone.
10) Doubt I’m worth all these efforts

Okay, so what can I work on?
1? No. I’d feel uncomfortable to live with a roommate 2? It’d take too long. 3? In progress but it’s going to take me ages. 4? I can change that. :-) 5? Nope. 6) maybe I could ask for some feedbacks*. The question is: to whom? 7) I can try to do something 8) NO. Never. Do not touch. 9) I’m working on it. I still don’t want to leave it but I do it. Sometimes. 10) *sigh* I’d say: “Just do it. Don’t think”…otherwise…

* they won’t be good at all. They can’t be good.

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