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Is resignation not enough?

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” Most patients are remarkably intolerant of many of their basic qualities. As a result, they often seem to be at war with themselves, continually struggling to deny key components of their personality—a process that is both exhausting and time consuming. In contrast, most healthy individuals are comfortable with their traits, even ones they would like to change, and find them to be normal ways of being. Internal conflict may be reduced and acceptance increased through psychoeducation: explaining the genetic basis of traits and providing information on how the environment influences the expression of biological predispositions. The goal is to help patients recognize that traits are part of their biological heritage—and hence they need to own them—without conveying the idea that traits cannot be changed. This balanced communication is achieved by explaining how the environment influences traits, so that the patient understands that, within limits, it is possible to change the way traits are expressed.”

From the book Practical Management of Personality Disorder by W. John Livesley (2003). (p.310-314)

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