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My alopecia

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

3 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks already that I’ve been taking 6 pills a day to prevent my hair from falling but nothing has changed. Every single day I lose 4 good handfuls of hair in the morning (before, during and after the shower) to the point that I fear to wash,…plus all the hair that fall all day long.
I’m getting bald. You can already see the scalp through what’s left of my hair. I’m losing hair like it’s not conceivable for one or several of the following reasons:
– it’s Fall. During every Fall, I lose a little my hair. Just a little.
– my depression. I read somewhere that it triggers hair loss (alopecia) up to several months after the beginning of the depression.
– the hereditary. Once my mother lost a lot of hair – she had injections every three days  for a month in order to stop her hair from falling.
– my birth control pill.
– my antidepressant. (very rare cases)
I have the choice… I’m sure it’s a combination of at least Fall, depression..and my antidepressant. The latter triggered a fear of heights although my doctor was very sceptical about it- but she had to come to the conclusion that my antidepressant was the only cause of this fear.
Tuesday, I’ll ask her for another medication. I don’t want to keep on losing hair. I prefer to have suicidal thoughts than being bald. I want another medication – in case it’s at the origin of my alopecia.
I went to my obstetrician because hair loss can be caused by a disregulation in hormones..and since I don’t have my periods.. He said that if I don’t have my periods it’s normal with the birth control pill I take. For him, there’s no problems with the hormones but he prescribed my a blood test. I went to my dermatologist with the results. I really thought that he would give me a miracle pill to stop this massacre. He didn’t. He said that there’s no problems in his fields. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist next Thursday. She and the doctor who prescribes me my antidepressants are the only persons who can stop my hair from falling. If they say “i don’t know what to do”..ah ah no. that’s not a good answer. I want, I need something. NOW. Every single day that passes by counts. I lose so many hair every day. So many. To wait a week is… I cry when I think about it.
Really, I didn’t need that. Oh no. And even if it stops right now, it’ll take months before I look “okay”. It’s already too late; there are already holes. I want it to stop NOW. Please. Please.

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