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Positive things of the week

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I bought a new crayon and a cover powder (at last!).
2) I saw the show Star Wars: in Concert.
3) I had the result of my blood test: 3 or 4 pages that says that I’m fine. Nothing wrong. (so why do I lose my hair??)
4) I put 3 posters on the walls for Manuela.
5) I received the DVD “Up”. It was a surprise.
6) I sent my survey.
7) I went to my French group and met there Waddad!! :-D  I practiced with her small talk
8) The group therapy was great even though I was depressed and didn’t participate at all.
9) My archer is now a grand dad. The dragoturkeys he captured gave birth dragoturkeys..who also gave birth.
10) Isabelle is a mother. It’s a girl. Lydia. I haven’t seen them yet but I’m sure I will pretty soon. + the father.
11) I still step back when I feel that I’ll be overwhelmed by emotions. It’s a strange feeling when I do that. I don’t fight these emotions, I let them come…and go.
12) I think I’m less shy. It seems that I care less and less about what people can think of me.

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