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Positive things of the week

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I saw Daughtry in concert!!!! Yeah!! Great show. Simple..well, kind of..we can see that he’s friend with Nickelback if you see what I mean. I knew all the songs but 2. Good show. I want to see him again in concert.
2) I am changing my medications since it may be at the origin of my dramatic hair loss.
3) My archer organized group activities. He’s still pretty popular.  ^_^
4) My archer sold his first Dragoturkeys. Money!!
4) I went to a karaoke party and practiced small talk there. Oddly enough, I  wasn’t the shiest person in the group
5) I did laundry
6) I keep on trying to kill ANTS and replace them although it’s difficult when I don’t have the right dosage with my medications
7) The therapy session was very instructive, as usual. We have a very good group here. I still don’t see how or why it’s can help me to say things about me to strangers… I don’t understand how it works.
8) I went to the hairdresser
9) I began to make a pile of shirts I won’t wear anymore because of they show too much skin for me – I’ll give them to Marine next week.
10) I still put make up on.
11) I declined Bambi’s invitation to spend Thanksgiving with her family and friends. Yes, it is positive.
12) I saw Lydia. She was 2 weeks old. Isa looked so exhausted!

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