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A meticulous examination

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From the book Practical Management of Personality Disorder by W. John Livesley (2003).

“The development of self-knowledge is an almost universally recognized therapeutic factor: Most therapies seek to extend and reframe patients’ views of their problems and to enlarge self-knowledge by drawing attention to unrecognized aspects of the self. In keeping with a generic approach, a combination of interventions may be used to increase self-knowledge. As with cognitive and cognitive analytic therapy (Ryle, 1997), patients are encouraged to keep a diary or journal.” (p.85)

I plan to do it. I think it would be a good thing to dissect what really happens. I want to do it even though it may require some time to do it properly. I would also have to be aware of every little details.. but it may be helpful. I don’t know how but hey, I can give it a try.

“You may find that the idea of a self-state will help you understand the different feelings that you have, and why your feelings can change so much. It may also help you understand why you sometimes behave very differently on different occasions. For these reasons it is helpful for you to identify and describe your different self-states. This means describing the different ideas and thoughts that you have during each state, the feelings that are characteristic of each state, and the typical things that you do in each state. It also means describing the way in which other people behave toward you in each state. You may have noticed that people treat you differently, according to the state you are experiencing at the time. To help you identify your self-states, a number of different self-states are listed below. [I kept mine]
Shut down, blank.
Different from everyone else.
Filled with rage.
Terrified, frightened.
Filled with envy—everyone else has things except me.
Angry and resentful, hostile, hate everyone.
Extremely critical of myself, hate myself, contemptuous of myself.
Hurt and humiliated.
Sulky and resentful
Vulnerable, easily hurt.
Contemptuous of everyone.
Feel that everyone and everything is against me.
Suspicious, do not trust people, on guard.
Hate myself.
Not noticeable, invisible, not noticed by anyone.Description of the State
Provide a detailed description of yourself when you are in this state. What sort of person are you? What words do you use to describe yourself? What sorts of things do you say to yourself in this state? What are your major thoughts and concerns?

What feelings do you have when you are in this state? How do you feel about yourself?

What do you do when you are in this state? How do you tend to react? How do you behave toward other people?

Things That Trigger the State
What kinds of things cause you to get into this state? Often the trigger is a chain of events, thoughts, and feelings. Try to identify the things that seem important.

My Judgments of Other People When I Am in This State
How does this state affect the way that you see other people? Does it affect your impressions of others? What judgments do you make about other people?

Other People’s Reactions
How do other people tend to treat you in this state? Does it affect the way  that they behave toward you?” (p.371-372)

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