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Lack of self-confidence

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Right now, I am in Philadelphia (yeah!!) for four days. During this time my parents are by themselves, lost, in Connecticut without me. But I know that they can survive; they can make it. So yeah, I’m in Philly.

My parents think that I am here to go to some job interviews. The truth is that I’m here on vacation. A nice break. J There’s the MLA convention – I went to one conference but I spent most of my time doing nothing (playing online) or visiting the city. There are some job interviews given during this convention but in order to go to a interview to have to have an invitation and I have none. I have sent no résumé, not a single curriculum vitae – contrary to what my parents think.

One good point: before leaving, my father told me that he doesn’t expect me to find any job at this kind of interview. Good. ‘cos there’s no interview.

I  can’t tell my parents that I can’t send a résumé, that I would be to ashamed to claim that I’m qualified enough to apply for a job. They can’t understand. I’m so ashamed of myself. How do you want me to “sell myself” when I don’t believe in myself at all. I’d gladly give away myself for free instead of selling myself! lol


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