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They don’t want to see

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My parents don’t understand me. They think I’m not suffering from AvPD but that I am just shyer than before, nothing else. When I was talking about my past with Marine, my parents listened and my mother realized that I did a lot, that I was active and with people and not as withdrawn as I am now. “It’s not in your nature to be that quiet and withdrawn. You’re not like that”. I tried to think about all these moments she mentioned and I was never comfortable with people, I was am fearing to be rejected or ridiculed. I’m just taking a break, breathe and find peace for a while in my bubble. I’ve never been Okay among people. There’s always always in the back of my mind that at one point people will bring me down. It’s so easy and so funny. All this to say that my mother didn’t understand that I’m suffering from AvPD although I told her clearly – you can’t be clearer than that – that I have about 98% symptoms of a person suffering from this disorder. It doesn’t help. At all. I told her that I have no self esteem, she said; “no, you have self esteem”. -____- Where it is????? I need it so desperately so desperately.

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