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My fourth group

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

During the first meeting of this group therapy, X told me that I should ask questions and ask for help. Why? Because if I don’t say anything and stay silent and withdrawn, people can’t guess that there’s something wrong, they’ll think that I am fine and need nothing. If I want something I have to go and ask for it. To me, it comes up to bothering people to do something for my small and insignificant person. Sigh. I talked a little during this session about topics I already mentioned in this blog. X also wants me to express out loud what it feels like when people make comments about me, criticize me. Oh my! They won’t like it!! LOL

What did I say in this session? Well, that my parents should be more careful and do their part and stop pulling me down because they do it unconsciously but they do it. They are the only people I have and if they keep on being a threat to me, I’ll have no choice but to leave them. X told me (like I X ^.^) that we have to be rational about what we can ask and what we can expect from our parents. It probably means that they’ll never accept the fact that I won’t  be the “normal daughter” they deserve to have – a daughter who gets a job, gets married, have a kid or two and visit them once in a while…and I don’t talk about my grand ma’s expectations!

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