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On Dofus

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Dofus, I used to spend a lot of time with Lenumberone, a Iop. I was the one to whom he liked to talk about his problems – he’s a real nolife, dumped his RL girlfriend for a girl he knows online only; he is a scapegoat at his school; spends his time fighting to defend his honor…
I listened to him. There was no taboo between us, I was in a way his confident. He needed help. I thought that the first thing to work on was his nolife way of life. I told him that even thought he doesn’t want to stop being on Dofus, he has to force himself and goes against what his feelings tell him.
What I told him: Force yourself to go out. No more computer in bed.
Why do I talk about that? well, he kept on telling me that he can’t, that it’s too difficult, etc and I felt I had to tell him that I know extremely well what he means and that if I can do it, he can too. I talked to him about my clinical depression, my AvPD, the fact that I have no friends – it seemed that he understood what I live.
Since I told him all that, I see him 1 hour a day on Dofus – no more. He told me that he forces himself to go out. He was happy to have done it. But I have the feeling that I bother him more than anything and that if he spends less hours playing on Dofus, he might spends his days and nights plays with his XBOX. He wasn’t ready. He just changed one bad habit for another bad habit. So, now he’s not anymore on Dofus, well, I feel lonely there too. I miss him. But for our own good, it’s better to see him less on Dofus.

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