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My parents know that when I want something, I’ll get it, no matter what. I wanted to teach French as a foreign language outside of France and that’s what I do – did. Therefore, they think that I’ll get my Ph.D. since they think I want to have my Ph.D. The little problem is that I don’t give a damn about it. Could you imagine me with a Ph.D??? Errr… no.
Lately I learned to be more rational and not to expect too much from life – to reconsider everything I dreamed of.
To bake a cake is already an achievement for me so, imagine, to write a Ph.D. thesis! lol
I can’t ask for too much – it hurts less in the end and you don’t’ hope in vain; you simply don’t hope anymore.

No, seriously, I thought about yesterday: I’m proud of myself because I bake cakes. Amazing. Pff.. so pathetic. I have to start from scratch and be happy with every little progress I make. It’s laughable. But I guess it’s a way like another to built pieces by pieces a little of self-esteem.
My cakes are sooooo gooooood. And just for meeee…Hmmmm..

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