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Positive things of the week

1) My meds are perfect. I can’t imagine what life would be without them.
2) I baked (again) a pound cake.
3) I went with Isa, Dan and Lydia to the Cheesecake Factory.
4) I invited the people from my group therapy to restaurant – only 2 of them showed up. We went to a Mexican restaurant.
5) I went to my meditation class, my “journey into consciousness” class, individual therapy and group therapy this week.
6) I talked about me during the group therapy and offer people some chocolate.
7) On Dofus, my archer is level 169.
8) I filled my taxes and they owe me more than 1,000 dollars. ^_^ if that’s not a good news!!!!
9) I washed You.
10) My hair is growing back.
11) I registered to participate to some activities later in the month.
12) I worked a little for my Ph.D.
13) I received the DVD “300”.
14) My parents seemed to understand that I need time for my Ph.D. they don’t push me anymore. Everybody is happier like this. At least, I am.
15) My hair is growing back.

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