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“It’s likely that we feel we’re living in a “hostile world” where we just don’t fit in. […] For example, we all know we will feel better and be healthier if we see the world as a loving, caring place… A place where we fit in and belong… A place where we are welcome and not always being judged… […]  While you drive around town, deliberately notice and FOCUS on the nice and beautiful  things YOU see: beautiful yards, landscaping, an outstanding flowerbed, a unique business establishment, beautiful architecture, and all the natural physical beauty that surrounds your home.”
Excerpt from OSA, p.90.

I read this several months ago. With very few conviction, I put a yellow post-it in my car saying “Focus” (on the beautiful things). At first I thought it would be extremely difficult to find “beautiful” things around me while I’m driving. There are trees, trees, houses, trees, trees, houses and did I mention trees? And trees. It’s recently that I realized that I found some beautiful things to look at while I’m driving. Birds on the streetlights along the highways. The birds choose always the same streetlight and sit on it and wait. They pick only one streetlight in their surroundings and they all try to find a room on it. So there’s one streetlight with about 10-15 birds on it and not a single bird on the streetlights nearby. That Always makes me smile. Always.

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