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Positive things of the week

1) I went my last meditation class and I received a certificate for my efforts to feel better.
2) I went to see a French movie on the campus – organized by the French department. I didn’t talk to anybody – I was feeling to aggressive to talk to people.
3) I went to the restaurant with Isa, Dan and the little Lydia. I had a great time there. I talked to them a little about my problems – they don’t say anything; I must probably embarrass them.
4) I finally met Anne – I feared this meeting because I was sure that I would be mean and aggressive with her – I’m way too defensive/aggressive with these people. But the meeting went well, we laughed. I told her about my depression, my therapies, my antidepressant… She seemed to understand. Oh and she congratulates my antidepressants to make me look that happy and dynamic!!! I love my antidepressants, I love them.
5) Every night, before sleeping, I review all the good things that I did or that happened to me during the day. It’s a good thing to do to end the day well. Good vibes, just good vibes.
6) I still try to meditate whenever I feel like doing it.
7) I told the group at my therapy session that they represent the most dangerous threat to me – if I open up, I expose myself and become totally vulnerable. Big step.
8) I still read the books my mother sent me.
9) I baked coconut balls. ^.^  The easiest recipe on earth, after boiled eggs.
10) My archer on the MMORPG Dofus is level 175. He tried for the first time to do the Castle Wa on his own and he did it!
11) I managed to download Koh Lanta (the French version of the TV show Survivor) and I watched the first 4 episodes so far.
12) I feel great!!!

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