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Last meeting with the group

Last week it was the last meeting with the group therapy for the semester.
Overall, I achieved my goal : talk about myself and therefore get some feedback/comments on me. I cried and counter attacked but that’s how I react so,.. it was not surprising.
I feel super well. Too well actually. That’s almost scaring. I’m pretty sure it’s my medication that makes me feel like this. I still have to avoid situations where I know I can be very aggressive with people. ^_^  I’m scared of how I may react in such situations. I know I already made short work of a teacher. ^_^  Don’t fuck with me. Even if I smile and laugh, don’t fuck with me. You’ll regret it. ^_^
I see more and more often situations as good exercises to put my new way of being and thinking into practice though. I am much much much more zen, relaxed and calm than before. I’m more in peace. Nothing can ruin my day unless I decide to ruin it. An example? Well, if I feel paranoid, instead of withdrawing and stepping back, I say to myself “hey! just to show them that I’m not scared of them, I’ll go and do what I want to do. And even more!!” And I don’t feel bad at all after. It works.

The next session of group therapy is in 3 weeks. I feel naked without their support – even if they don’t support me but just the fact of knowing that I am not alone helps me.

And to end with a merry touch, listen to these 4 audio recordings – virus free :


Those are just speeches made by Wayne Dyer. Listen to them. There’s no way it can be bad for you; so give it a try.

  1. May 8, 2010 at 11:48 am

    you sound like you’re doing really really well. I’m so proud of you!!

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