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Mary & Max

I’m still too fragile – or too stupid. I still compare myself with others. And that’s what I did with the two main characters of the great claymated feature film Mary & Max which was released last year. Loved loved the movie thought but next time I watch it, I’d better more prepared and try to learn from it. Because I see "messages" in a lot of movies like in The Princess & The Frog, Madagascar, etc.. but not in this one. All I saw in it was my own reflection: my depression, my thoughts about suicide, my loneliness, my love for chocolate, even my birthmark (+ my breast, of course!)*. Wanna see my birthmark? Me too. lol
Nothing very positive. It’s a great movie though. I cried and cried and cried at the end. I noticed all the negative things and nothing else. There must be something else than that. There should be some good lessons to learn from this movie.
Wanna see my birthmark? Me too. lol  I’ll take a picture of it.

*luckily, I don’t have Mary’s parents.

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