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Depression and personality disorders

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

From Depression and personality : conceptual and clinical challenges / M. Rosenbluth, S.Kennedy, R. M. Bagby:

“In fact, the comorbidity of social phobia with avoidant personality disorder may be as high as 90% (Widiger 1992).”

-_- Awesome.

“It is often difficult to differentiate personality disorders from the features of depression, including dependency, helplessness, somatic preoccupation, and negative self-evaluation (Lazarus and Sadavoy 1996). There is also no established way to describe the severity of personality dysfunction, which is not controlled for in most studies. The difficulty in making a diagnosis of personality disorder when one is experiencing an episode of depressive illness must be addressed because of the clinical and research implications.”


Tomorrow, I’ll see my psychoanalyst, I’ll ask him if he could somehow make an official diagnosis of what I have – besides clinical depression.

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