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Positive things of the past weeks

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) My new blog. I ♥ it. What’s great is that I found how to integrate elements that originally could not be integrated in a free WordPress blog. I’m awesome. I know ;-)  I love to create blogs. ^_^
2) I got a free flu shot and I won a t-shirt and a freesby. lol
3) I got a mole removed. I didn’t feel anything. It was bothering me a lot, in my back. I’m sure that one day I’d have scratched it by accident.
4) I received my re-approval form for my survey. Alleluia! I didn’t have to plead my case over and over again – it was accepted the first time I asked for the re-approval.
5) I saw Kung Fu Panda. Great funny movie. Better than I thought it would be.
6) I broke my record: I meditated for one hour with Clare (and Paul). She brought me a pen and a soap from her trip to India. Really nice of her.
7) I almost forgot >.< : according to my therapists, psychoanalyst and parents, I don’t have Avoidant Personality Disorder. Although I don’t really see only the “positive things” in this, I added it to this list.
8) I saw again the love of my life (lol): my dentist. He’s the Best dentist in the Whole Universe!
9) I go to the gym and there I listen to an audio-book.
10) I went to a meet-up party and invited Marine there.
11) I took a picture with Daffy Duck!
12) As a Tomb Raider fan (I didn’t miss any Lara Croft game), I began to play at Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – thanks to my dad. I tamed my parents so well that now, it’s thanks to them that I know what happens in the world of U2 and Lara Croft.

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