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Ego trips

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was our 10th group therapy session of the semester last Wednesday. We are supposed to have deep inside us a “core sense of self”  – something that, no matter what, will never break. Strong, inflexible, deeply rooted. It’s something we could always be able to rely on or hang on to when things are not going so well. It should prevent me/us from breaking down completely again – because we’d know that there’s something in us that no one can steal from us. I think I found mine. Well, for the moment it’s good enough and better than nothing. It’s “my motivation to get better”. I come from far, I’ve been through a lot, I made a lot of progress and for nothing in the world I would give up now. Not after all I’ve done.

Wednesday evening, I went to the main campus of the University of Connecticut to see there Michael J. Fox who came to give a free lecture about him and Parkinson’s disease. He spoke for 45 minutes, a 45-minute “ego trip”. “They say in AA that anything over 20 minutes for a speech is an ego trip, and I’m going for 45,” Fox joked about his lecture. He said that some people asked him what the “J” stands for in his name. He said: “J” is for “genuine” or “genius”. lol I love it! Well, it doesn’t work that well when it’s written down.

I couldn’t take a picture of him during his lecture, so instead, I show you a picture I took few hours before. It has nothing to do with him, I know, but I do what I want. It’s my blog. :-P

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