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November 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Try to picture this scene:

A cold, rainy November evening in Connecticut.
A community building – used once in a while by different groups of people – on the border of a wood.
There’s no heating in this 4-room building. The temperature is about 39° Fahrenheit.
There’s no light coming out of the building nor light coming from the outside, except for the moon light.
If you looked closely enough, you could distinguish human figures inside the building. Five human forms, all completely immobile as if turned into stone, sitting there, in the cold and dark building. In a heavy silence.
That was us meditating. lol
Next time, I’ll bring a blanket.

And today, I’ll participate in a  “mini retreat” where I’ll “learn techniques for increasing spiritual awareness and mystical experience”. O.o
I’m not completely convinced that I am experienced enough not to consider this as boring and/or difficult. I never meditated more than an hour – I need breaks! – and well, I don’t know but in groups, I can hear others moving and doing things they couldn’t/shouldn’t do if they were in deep meditation like snoring. >.< lol seriously, I think there’s one guy who tends to fall asleep during those sessions. I really don’t understand How you can fall asleep while meditating – you’re so focused!! Okay, my problem is that I am still a little *too* focused. I know, it’s paradoxical. I’m special. ^.^ lol

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