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Almost hypochondriac

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I found online a page where a person had some doubts:

Rancid Pantaloons
I stumbled upon covert Narcissism in Wikipedia and I noticed that the personality description for covert narcissism is very similar to my own personality. It pretty much matched on all points. I also took some test that I found. The tests suggested that I am an covert narcissist.I stumbled upon it because some people in my life suggested that I lack empathy and I know it is true. I always try to compensate for it though. I really lack empathy and I have huge problems connecting with people. It is really painful to see how I really am so that makes me feel sorry for myself. There is so much more. I found a text file about the subject in my language and I did match most of the criteria. Is this something I should take seriously? Do you guys ever feel that you have an illness when you read about it? Maybe I am just stupid or weird? are there any way I can now for sure if there is something wrong with me? How can I get help for this kind of things?

I wouldn’t worry about it. When i was studying psychology we had to look at clinical assessments of various illnesses, there’s a big book with them all in, and they list the symptoms, if you have 75% of the symptoms then it was worth following up as a likely illness. And whenever you read them you think “that’s me!”.

I wish I’d read Yoj’s entry a long time ago. >.<  Indeed, it seems that these medical and clinical descriptions will all make us hypochondriac. At least it worked with me, and almost for “Rancid Pantaloons”. I was deeply convinced that I had avoidant personality disorder – I could have bet my life on it. I’m not joking. I could have also added several more disorders such as OCD, paranoïa and social anxiety (this last one might be true, but I don’t care). But! but!! I was right! ^_^ I had clinical depression! So there!
It seems that we could all be diagnosed with disorders. But in reality, we just have bits of this, bits of that but few do really have the real disorder. Those who are already too sensible can easily believe that they have a disorder. So gullible! If you ask me I’d tell you that they are not that gullible but .. I can’t find the word. It’s a sign of a pre-existing feeling of weakness,  I think.
I say that, but there’s a guy in our group who told us that he has been officially diagnosed and has Asperger’ syndrome. That is really Not cool.
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