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Positive things of the week

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) Yesterday there were very light flurries. I saw one snowflake going from left to right. Apparently it hadn’t been briefed before nor told to fall from the sky Down to the ground. As long as there are more snowflakes on my website than in reality, I’m fine. :-D
2) I finished the book Catch 22. I began Madame Bovary and finished it too.
3) I went to a meditation session. I still need to relax more when I meditate. Relax!!!
4) I finally reserved a table for a “New Year’s Eve Private Party” at a restaurant not too far from where I live. Suuuuuper expensive. I have under my eyes the menu and the only thing I know I’ll eat for sure are the desserts. The rest, well, I’ll give it to my mother or my father, as usual.
5) I decorated my apartment for Christmas.
6) I invited Marine to the screening of the movie “Yogi Bear”.
7) I went to the very last therapy session of the semester. The last one of the year 2010.
8) I polished the interior of my car. There’s not a speck of dust there anymore. It shines.
9) I saw the sexiest man alive (Johnnyyyyyyyyyyy!) giving an interview on TV.
10) I bought some cookies, nuts, chips, chocolates for when my parents will be here. Now,* all I have to do* is refrain myself from eating them all before my parents arrive. Easy to say.
11) I found some presents for my parents.
12) I received a 5kg package from my parents – with mostly chocolate truffles, and cookies. Two other packages are supposed to arrive soon too.
13) As I was desperately looking for some xmas presents, I met by chance Isa and her baby girl – she walks by herself now! The baby, not Isa. So cute!

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