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Impulsive, me? Noooo!

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s Saturday.

Thursday, I joined Isa and Dan at the restaurant. There, we talked among other things about the laser eye surgery Dan underwent more than a year ago so that he doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore to see far.

The next day in the morning (Friday/yesterday), I had an appointment at the center he went to to have his surgery. In the afternoon, I had surgery. Dan was my driver and he watched on a TV screen my surgery *live*. The next morning (this morning), I drove to the center for a check up exam of my eyes. I see perfectly fine without glasses. I still have to wear special sunglasses for 2 days and take drops for a week and NOT touch my eyes at all for at least a week. I try to keep my hair out of my face too (and I need to go to the hair dresser, by the way)


Ah, and my parents don’t know anything about it. I just told them today on the phone that yesterday I got myself a great present.

I’m not that impulsive, I’ve been thinking about having eye surgery for several years but I’ve always been too scared of the surgery: scared to end up blind and scared to see things during the surgery and I don’t want to see ANYthing. The only things you see, actually, are lights.

My parents are coming on Tuesday – we still haven’t had a snow fall this winter. A few flurries here and there that don’t whiten the ground.

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