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Positive things of the week

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I got a free movie ticket to see “I am number four”. Bad movie. Really bad movie.
2) The snow finally begins to melt. Alleluia! We can almost begin to distinguish the color of the roof.
3) I found my yoga mat! lol
4) I made a reservation to “experience the thrill of a lifetime”. We’ll see if the weather is favorable or not but I’m registered for a skydiving, late in April. I registered through my university’s website – it is a lot cheaper this way. And yes, I’m afraid of heights..but I survived a helicopter ride (seating in the front, right next to the pilot) and I also walked on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. And Tadaaa! Still alive!! lol
5) Did I say that I’m more than happy to see that the snow is finally melting? Yes? Ah… no, because, really, I’m really happy about it. :-D
6) I didn’t puke or passed out while watching a friend, D., having his Lasik eye surgery. I followed the whole procedure on a TV screen. The eye as large as the TV screen. It is Very impressive. *shudders* I’m glad I had my surgery Before watching this on TV.
7) I donated my old eyeglasses. I dropped them off in a Lion Collection box. D immortalized this moment by taking a picture of this symbolic gesture.
8) Almost a month and a half after my Lasik eye surgery, I’m completely back to normal. I don’t feel the need to use artificial tears anymore. It’s perfect!
9) I went to the gym.
10) Water has definitely replaced soft drinks. I haven’t had a soft drink since I finished the 28-day soda challenge.

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