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Left, right, left, right

made for right-handed people

Saturday I made several videos with my (red) Ipod nano as I was skiing down snow slopes.

Back home, I found out, to my great surprise, that ALL my videos were upside down. The snow slopes were at the top of the screen and the sky at its bottom. Now, let me tell you that there is no way to know how we should hold the Ipod nano while taking videos – with the screen on the right, on the left, at the bottom… So, I did what felt the most comfortable and logical to me. Big Mistake! I should have known that everything in the world is designed and made for right-handed people (like those laptops with cables on their left side or suitcases with the handle on the left side).  Therefore, the Ipod Nano is designed for right-handed people.

Unfortunately for me, I’m one of the few lefties. What seems natural and logical for a lefty is unnatural and illogical for a right-handed person, of course. And vice versa. So unfair. Needless to say that we live in a world of right-handed people. The lefties, well, they should do like everybody, and stop complaining. >.< I’d like to see you using your computer mouse with your left hand, just for the fun.

All this to say that I had to turn all my videos with Window Live Movie Maker. In just 2 clicks the videos are back in the right position and you don’t have to watch your videos with the head upside down anymore. Now I know, that the next time, I’ll want to make videos, I’ll have to hold the Ipod Nano NOT the way I feel like holding it.

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