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Positive things of the week

1) I went to my yoga class. The instructor must have read my previous entry about the combination Hatha Yoga/Country music because this time she played a more appropriate CD during  the class. We had a relaxing music instead. Yet, yoga is not my thing. I prefer meditation by far.
2) Three months after my Lasik eye surgery, I have a 20/15 vision. It means that I can read a letter at 20 feet (6 meters) that a person with normal vision would have to come up to 15 feet (4.50 meters) to read. 20/20 is commonly used for a pilot’s license and 20/40 for a driver’s license. I could be a pilot!!! lol
3) I spent a day at a ski resort for free. It was awesome! Ah. I just realized that one of the guys who was with us and who snowboarded is one of the radio hosts.
4) The snow keeps on melting. Yes, there’s still snow out there.
5) I’m still holding out and haven’t drunk anything else but water, tea, hot chocolate or orange juice since I finished my 28-day soda challenge.
6) I’m not any more on this online dating website. It was just an exercise as I said. I did it; and like yoga, it’s not my thing either.
7) Somebody told me today: “Have a glorious day”. It’s more than I could have hoped for!

..and as said Flynn: “Don’t mess with my Zen thing, man”.

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