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Pot pourri

The New England Aquarium, well, I’ll visit it another time. When I went there on Saturday, there was a long line of people outside at the ticket booths and it was very windy and very cold (so glad, I had my hat on) but it was sunny! Oh, oh, when I was waiting for my train/tramway (whatever they call it) there was no one but me on the old subway platform with pillars at one point, I heard a phone ringing with this particular old tone, you know. And I was: “Neo! Pick up the phone! Otherwise you won’t be able to leave the matrix!” lol I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him, really. lol

Isa came to a lecture given by a doctor (a real one) about meditation. She wants to learn how to meditate but the group/instructor she’s found is quiet odd. I mean it’s too spiritual, mystic for us – things like you have to feel your energy, pray to a certain god, focus your attention on the picture of a god, put your hands like this and like that….No thank you. That’s why she wanted to know more about the kind of meditation I practice. So, she came and seemed to like its simplicity and now, well, she just has to put it in practice and meditate. “Just do it” as someone once said.

On a different note, I plead guilty. I’ve missed my archer, George (from the MMORPG Dofus) so much, that I created online a new character, a new archer, not on Dofus though but on World Of Warcraft. In WOW archers are called Hunters but it’s all the same. I love playing an archer. I just love it. So, yeah, in less than four days, I became sort of addicted to WOW – it’s soooo different from Dofus, but as long as I have my archer, I’m happy.
So, if I don’t post here as often as before, it’s not because I’m dead or away from the Internet, it’s just that I’m with my archer on World Of Warcraft. ^.^

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